Welcome to Alternative Futures

Alternative Futures is a development research and communication group working on creative and meaningful policy, social and technological alternatives and innovations for development and social change. We look at change in a holistic manner, even while working on various specialized issues.

We focus on innovative efforts for sustainable development, social transformation and democratic, transparent and accountable governance in all sectors of society. We believe that these changes can come about only through engagement with wider society – citizens, corporations, consumers, civil society groups, youth and others…

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Our Partners

Our Objectives

To expand culturally-rooted and sustainable development choices, where ‘development’ is the process of expansion of the freedoms available to human beings to survive and live in a healthy environment, to be well nourished and healthy, and to actively participate in social and political life.

To focus on the needs and capacity-building of the poorest and the most disadvantaged, such as dalits, tribals, poor women, destitute children, unorganised workers.