Alternative Futures is a development research and communication group working on creative and meaningful policy, social and technological alternatives and innovations for development and social change. We look at change in a holistic manner, even while working on various specialized issues.

We focus on innovative efforts for sustainable development, social transformation and democratic, transparent and accountable governance in all sectors of society. We believe that these changes can come about only through engagement with wider society – citizens, corporations, consumers, civil society groups, youth and others. Thus, we seek to create an expanding community of willing change-makers who can help us all move towards an alternative future that is more humane, just and sustainable.

Alternative Futures is inspired by the vision of a society based on the principles of ecological sustainability, social justice, spirituality and cultural pluralism.

Ecological sustainability: a mode of living `lightly’ on earth – that respects and conserves the life-giving potential of nature for future generations, while emphasizing the equitable use of natural resources by present generations. It recognises the importance and the rightful place of other living creatures.

Social justice: the social conditions and democratic governance which can provide all human beings – rich and poor, men and women – with adequate opportunities to grow up healthy and secure. Such an environment is necessary to help people to develop their skills and talents, and to enable the flowering of their personalities.

Spirituality: realisation and appreciation of the oneness and interconnectedness of all existence. The attitude of spirituality promotes peace and harmony, love and tolerance between self and other (including nature).

Cultural pluralism: the desired co-existence of cultures on equal terms and with mutual respect. It seeks to work against the undue dominance of some cultures/cultural traits over other cultures due to economic, political or technological might.