An Inventory of Prospective Donors for Collaborative Support to the NGO Sector in India: A Study for Hivos

This study for the Hivos India Regional Office, Bangalore, in 2006, identified and built a database of donor agencies, both in India and abroad, which were interested in providing finances to Hivos through co-financing or additional financing for further support to partner organizations. Hivos’s partner organisations work in the sectors of Human Rights and Democracy; Gender, Women and Development; HIV/AIDS; Financial Services and Enterprise Development; Sustainable Production; Culture and Arts; ICT, Media and Knowledge Sharing to civil society.

Hivos, a Dutch development financing institution was supporting 89 civil society organizations, majority at the grassroots level, in 10 states in the country. The study did a short analysis of the donors who matched with Hivos’ policies and could be important for collaboration and raising additional finances in the future. For this purpose the study identified relevant criteria to assess like-mindedness and the potential for future cooperation and also ranked the different donor agencies on this potential.

Information on a large number of donor agencies or development assistance organizations was reviewed and the final inventory comprised detailed information and analysis of over 50 organizations. The inventory of these like-minded donor agencies included data on their development financing policies, core interest areas, geographical coverage of activities and logistic details such as addresses, websites and phone numbers.