Programmes/Thematic Areas of Work and Activities

Our work is focused on the following programme/thematic areas:

  1. Work, livelihoods and development: focusing particularly on the unorganised sector and women workers in the context of the changing global economy, technological skills and the challenge of social equity, for example how globalisation is affecting women workers; the livelihoods potential of crafts.
  2. Energy, natural resources and development: policies and practices for the conservation, equitable and sustainable use of energy, land, water and all natural resources. Dealing with the huge challenge of climate change.
  3. Social and policy innovations and human development: building a database of best practices and innovative models and policies in governance and in all areas of human development, for example, gender-sensitive policies and programmes; innovative educational projects; tools to prevent and counter corruption.
  4. Science, technology and society: focusing on technology choices (especially new information and communication technologies) for the benefit of wider society and on ways in which traditional knowledge and modern science can be synthesized, for example, use of ICTs for the poor; use of appropriate technologies.
  5. Culture, Indigenous knowledge and development: looking at cultural values, indigenous knowledge systems and the ways in which these are changing in a globalised world, for example, continuing relevance of indigenous health systems; use of traditional and religious philanthropy in social development.

Activities undertaken by us include:

  • Policy research and advocacy, field research and surveys, sector studies, background papers, resource manuals
  • Documentation of initiatives and innovations for development and social transformation
  • Training and capacity building
  • Monitoring and evaluation studies
  • Media outreach through old and new media, communications and preparation of information, education and communications (IEC) materials
  • Support to innovative voluntary efforts and capacity-building initiatives